Al Die Casting

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Al Die Casting

Here at Viet Thanh, A380 and ADC12 are the most used die casting material which are also the most common in Viet Nam. For your information, below their standard composition and equivalents in different countries.
A380 is the most common and cost effective of all die casting alloys, providing the best combination of utility and cost. (see die cast made from A380)
ADC12, also named as ALDC12, provides better die filling but with a moderate sacrifice in mechanical properties such as toughness. (see die cast made from ADC12)
Below you can find in-house aluminum die casting machines in Viet Thanh.


Machine name



TBC.cold chamber 350T

1 set


TBC.cold chamber 250T

2 set


TBC.cold chamber 150T

1 set