FAQ for die casting

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FAQ for die casting

FAQ for die casting

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: While Viet Thanh specialized in high volume die casting, many of our project generated less than $3.000.000 annually. We expect grow with our customer together.

Q: Do you provide prototyping service?

A: We can help you with your prototyping needs and expecting the high volume production.

Q: If I send you the 3D file, why do you still need 2D drawing?

A: The 3D file is very useful, but there are some other requirement not indicated like the tolerance and the surface treatment apply in the part. This is why the 2D file is needed.

Q: What other questions can I get the fast quotation?

A: The annual quantity, materials selected, application or function of the parts, project delivery schedule, net weight(if you  have it, you  give us the 3D file), destination port.

Q: Can you sign our NDA before send you the sensitive file?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you guarantee the mold life?

A: Yes, We can guarantee our mold life it depend on the materials used.

Q: What materials Viet Thanh offer?

A: Debang offer Aluminum and Zinc Alloy for die casting. For example ADC12, ADC 6, A380, AlSi12Cu1(Fe), AlSi9Cu3, etc.